It's a really cool product that you don't see every day.

Lenno has been interning at Sif since September 2020 as part of his training as an all-round construction employee at Gilde in Venlo. For this 2 year (shortened) training he goes to school for 1 day and works 4 days at Sif in the morning shift.

“I came to Sif because my father has been working here as a burner for over 20 years. I was looking for a construction company for my internship, where I could perform various activities. I also thought it was important that I would be challenged in my work. At Sif I found what I was looking for: I had various tasks such as welding, burning, aiming flames, bonding hulls and ring extending. And the size of the products makes the work challenging! I am the first BBL student at Sif: they have set up this process especially for me.

In the period from September to December I was allowed to walk around the entire factory to get to know the entire production process at Sif. Then I worked on a project for school: I designed a workbench myself and built it in Sif's factory. The result was so good that I was immediately allowed to create 6 more – all of which are now in use by the maintenance department. After that, I was allowed to perform various tasks at Sif. The task that I like to do the most is burning and flame aiming. That runs in the family because my father is also a burner at Sif.

lenno vaessen3

When I started I thought it was exciting. I was especially curious about my colleagues. But they welcomed me right away, making me feel like I belonged here immediately. You have to concentrate and try to avoid mistakes. Everything is well checked and if something has gone wrong, it is well explained what could have been better. These conversations will help you get better at your job. The atmosphere between the colleagues is good: they are all ready for you!

I thought it was impressive how large the equipment is that we work with here. It's a really cool product that you don't see every day. The other day we saw the wind farm that me and my father worked on TV; that was very cool!

lenni vaessen2

My most valuable experience is that I have learned to work independently. I do certain activities together with colleagues, but it is not the case that I am supervised all day. Since I don't work in shifts, I work in different teams. But there is a permanent colleague who guides me. That is also an all-rounder, from whom I learn a lot.

Sif has asked me if I already know what I want to do next and if I want to stay here. If I do that, I'd like to specialize in flame aiming and burning.”

At Sif I was given the responsibility to choose an internship assignment that suited me best.

Riegart did a 5 month internship with Sif at the Technical Service as part of his Mechanical Engineering training at the Fontys in Eindhoven. He investigated how the effectiveness of one of our rollers can be improved. Based on Riegart's findings, Sif has initiated actions to improve the availability, efficiency and production quality of the roller.

“I was looking for an internship company based on my interests: these are machine manufacturers in the agricultural sector and companies working in the steel industry close to me. I was especially interested in a company that offered me a technical challenge. Sif stood out because of the gigantic steel structures that are produced here. At Sif I was given the responsibility to choose an internship assignment that suited me best.

My first impression of Sif was very good. I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the monopiles and the halls, but it was all very interesting and impressive. After the first tour I got a good impression of the company, after which I definitely wanted to do an internship at Sif. I was introduced by my internship supervisor Sascha during my first day. Then my other colleagues received me well and we able to answer all my questions.

I have learned how important it is to communicate well. In the technical department I worked between the office employees and the production employees and I learned to involve all parties into my assignment in order to deliver the best result. From the beginning of my internship I was allowed to work independently, I had to get used to this in the beginning, but in the end I really liked it.

It was a nice working environment, we had a lot of laughs and I certainly liked coming to Sif. It was a busy, but in the end, it worked out very well!