Meet Lenno Vaessen


Allround Construction Worker Lenno Vaessen has been in permanent employment at Sif since June 2022, after a vocational training of just under two years.

"What I learned at Sif, you really don't learn everything at school. Flame alignment, burning, milling, extensions - everything passed. Of course attention is also paid to this at school, but the size of the products at Sif (steel foundation pipes of up to 100 meters long and 9 meters in diameter!) in combination with the precision with which we work here, you cannot imitate at school."

Sif annually offers five training places for practice-oriented education: the so-called BBL trajectories. As a BBL employee you go to school 16 hours a week and you work 24 hours a week in production. A vocational training process takes two years: in the first year, the student goes through all facets of our production process. In the second year, specific steps are deepened, so that the student choose a specialization together with Sif. After two years the student will have a recognized MBO level 3 diploma.

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