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Sif offers me a good future perspective, a good working environment, very good employment conditions and career opportunities.

José has been employed by Sif as an OP welder since January 2022. But he has already gained a lot of experience within Sif, because he has been employed as a temporary worker since 2012.

Not everyone works with pipes with a diameter of almost nine meters. We must not forget how special that is.

David has been working as a temporary worker at Sif since 2016 as an OP welder at the Maasvlakte 2 location and has been employed as a permanent employee since 2022.

Innovation is something you do together.

The wind energy market is developing rapidly. The demands placed on our products are changing and growing. How do we make sure we are ready for tomorrow? ‘Sif’s great strength is in its ability to innovative continuously,’ explains Bart Theunissen, Process Technology and Innovation Manager. ‘It's in the DNA of the entire organization.’

Welding with a spark.

Bram Voulon has worked as a welder at Sif’s Rotterdam site (Maasvlakte 2) since 2018. Why did he choose to come to Sif and what is his greatest challenge?

The most important thing is respect.

Roller Mathias Cordes has had a permanent position at Sif since May 2018. Before that, he worked for six years via a temporary employment agency. ‘I believe that it's important for you to enjoy what you do,’ he says. ‘And that's exactly the case at Sif. Everyone here respects and helps each other. You don't see that everywhere, you know!’

Stephan Hansen

Men and women of steel can also be green at heart

Sif is large enough for me to be able to develop myself while also being small enough for personal interaction.

‘After completing my degree in Civil Engineering in Arnhem, I was looking for a job at a company where I would be able to develop myself. These days, the demand for engineers is high, making it possible to find a job that really suits you.

Michael Pogrzeba

We work together in a pleasant work environment, always striving to make improvements
Rebwar Mohammed Hussein

You're given freedom here, but you’re expected to put in the effort too

At Sif, we always ask ourselves how we could do things better

We don’t just make tubes

Sif offers you the opportunity to further develop yourself
Frank van Riet

When there's work to be done, we're all ready to roll up our sleeves

You make it a success yourself at Sif

'My first job after finishing intermediate technical school was as a Quality Controller for my previous employer. I was soon promoted to a managerial position. I joined Sif in 2004 and started again as a Quality Controller. That was a conscious choice, because in that position I could learn a lot about the ins and outs of the company. I couldn't have got off to a better start at Sif.

You have to be able to rely on each other

'I've been working in the steel sector since 1976. In my previous job, I gained experience in material supply and worked with cranes and forklifts. I had a managerial position and learned how important it is to invest in people. If you want to teach people something, you have to be patient, have confidence, and give them the feeling that they can do it.

You are valued as an employee

'My father also worked for Sif. He came here in 1989 from Portugal, because they needed good manual welders, which were hard to find in the Netherlands. When I left the army, I also started looking for a job. My father advised me to apply for a job at Sif. That led to me coming here to work for the first time in 1996. That was the first time, because I've had three different jobs here.