Innovation is something you do together.

The wind energy market is developing rapidly. The demands placed on our products are changing and growing. How do we make sure we are ready for tomorrow? ‘Sif’s great strength is in its ability to innovative continuously,’ explains Bart Theunissen, Process Technology and Innovation Manager. ‘It's in the DNA of the entire organization.’

‘Sif makes an enormously robust product that is finished down to the last detail, which requires perfect control of our processes,’ explains Bart. Monopiles are getting bigger and bigger, and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. At the same time, the tolerances remain small. The thick steel plates are made perfectly round, with tolerances down to a few millimetres. That's a logical requirement of the market, if you consider the risks and forces at sea. The total product easily weighs 1,200 to 1,600 tonnes yet has the precision of a Swiss watch. Sif is very good at controlling the tolerances.’

Bart has been with Sif since April 2018. Bart explains: ‘We are not only working on ideas to serve the market better but also on plans that improve the process from the inside out. The first time that I walked around here, I could sense that everyone here is busy thinking about how something can be done smarter or better. That's simply part of the culture. ‘Implementing an innovation takes time. You can have lots of ideas, but you can't implement them overnight. Extensive calculation and testing are required. Of course, the huge dimensions, enormous weight, and risks mean that focus is important.’