Welding with a spark.

Bram Voulon has worked as a welder at Sif’s Rotterdam site (Maasvlakte 2) since 2018. Why did he choose to come to Sif and what is his greatest challenge?

Before I started here, I worked as a metalworker in tank construction. This was heavy and dangerous work that involved a lot of carrying, cutting, building, and manual welding. Working at Sif comes with a better pay cheque, it's more relaxed, and there is more respect amongst the people on the shop floor. All in all, it's just a lot less rowdy here.’

‘The cans from Roermond are first taken to the prep station where they are brushed clean and measured. Then we mount them on the roller racks. We use MIG/MAG manual welding for the first tack. Then I start welding internally using the submerged arc welding process. We do this with two heads at the same time and two welding wires on each head.’

‘The challenge is striving for the perfect weld which is neat, straight, and as even as possible. On average, you need seven filler layers. We aim to make one single complete internal weld in one shift. I get the best results when I focus properly. When I'm inside the tube, I only concentrate on welding. I put on some music through a speaker and then I can really concentrate on my work. But I don't put the music too loud, as I still want to hear the welder.’