Sif is large enough for me to be able to develop myself while also being small enough for personal interaction.

‘After completing my degree in Civil Engineering in Arnhem, I was looking for a job at a company where I would be able to develop myself. These days, the demand for engineers is high, making it possible to find a job that really suits you.

I consciously chose to come and work at Sif, as I immediately had a good feeling about the company. The people that work here are friendly, helpful, and have an extraordinary amount of engineering knowledge. What is also special is that the company is both big and small at the same time. By this I mean that Sif is big enough to offer me a professional working environment where I can learn a great deal. Sif gives me the space to get involved with projects as I see fit. Here, I am able to learn from the mistakes that I make and receive constructive feedback from my colleagues. At Sif, I am motivated and able to develop myself.


At the same time, Sif is a small company when it comes to personal interaction and the way in which people work together. People listen to you and everyone is prepared to lend a helping hand. That makes Sif a special place to work. Furthermore, the product that we make is incredible. The first time that I drove onto the Maasvlakte site I was immensely impressed by the gigantic monopiles. It got me excited, and that is a feeling that has lasted to this day. The precision and quality of the Sif monopiles is almost unbelievable. In short, I'm incredibly happy that I chose to work at Sif.’