You are valued as an employee

'My father also worked for Sif. He came here in 1989 from Portugal, because they needed good manual welders, which were hard to find in the Netherlands. When I left the army, I also started looking for a job. My father advised me to apply for a job at Sif. That led to me coming here to work for the first time in 1996. That was the first time, because I've had three different jobs here.

At the time I applied for the position of grinder. After a year, things went less well at Sif and the work stopped. Fortunately, the dip didn't last long and Sif quickly needed new people again: manual welders, just like my father. I thought I could follow in my father's footsteps and was taken on again. But after two days, I realized that manual welding is really a job in its own right and didn't come naturally to me. It all took too long for me, so I found a job elsewhere. But when Sif started recruiting for production again in 2000, I decided I'd like to go back. I could choose from three vacancies: roller, milling machine operator, or submerged arc welder. I chose the first one. I now have 17 years' experience behind me as a roller.

I'm happy to take responsibility for a good product. Being a roller puts you at the beginning of the production process. The challenge of rolling lies in the fact that no two tubes or steel plates are the same. I have to make sure that the radius of each product is right. I always work with a colleague at the rolling machine. A steel plate easily weighs 15 to 20 tons, so you always have to be careful. Sif currently has 9 rolling machines. The last one that was bought has more power and can therefore process thicker and larger sheets. This enables us to supply even larger products to our customers.
My father is now enjoying his retirement in Portugal.

I still really like working at Sif. I got the chance to learn the trade here. I have a lot of contact with colleagues, because you can only make such a great product if you work well together. I'm also well looked after here, and I am not just talking about working conditions. When I became seriously ill in 2015, I had to undergo several operations. I was off sick for about a year. I was well insured through Sif and they always maintained personal contact with me. They even came to deliver my Christmas hamper at home. I really appreciate that. You notice that they really value you as an employee.

Sif is growing at a tremendous pace. That's great to see. This growth is good for the company. So is the extension to the Maasvlakte, because this allows us to make our product even better. And that's what we all do it for.'