The most important thing is respect.

Roller Mathias Cordes has had a permanent position at Sif since May 2018. Before that, he worked for six years via a temporary employment agency. ‘I believe that it's important for you to enjoy what you do,’ he says. ‘And that's exactly the case at Sif. Everyone here respects and helps each other. You don't see that everywhere, you know!’

Mathias works in hall 10 on roller ‘Sjaak 1’. Mathias says, ‘I like that we usually work with the same machine and with the same colleague, because it means we sync up. But I think that all colleagues get on well with each other. And I can operate all but one of the rollers. I enjoy my work. We make something tangible, something so impressive and large, but which is machined to the millimetre. When I came in here the first day, I thought “wow.” I couldn't believe my eyes! Aiming for the highest quality is something quite characteristic about Sif. We can be proud of that.’

‘I think that the most important thing in my work is respect. If we have a conversation, we always remain respectful to each other. We can talk about our mistakes, and we help and look after each other. Safety is so incredibly important. One small error can have major consequences. I also like the trust people place in me. My hall coordinator gives me the freedom to do my job. Of course, having this freedom also means having responsibility, but that’s a good thing. You have ownership over your work. We discuss regularly, of course, and I can always ask questions. But it’s all based on trust, and I like that!’