You make it a success yourself at Sif

'My first job after finishing intermediate technical school was as a Quality Controller for my previous employer. I was soon promoted to a managerial position. I joined Sif in 2004 and started again as a Quality Controller. That was a conscious choice, because in that position I could learn a lot about the ins and outs of the company. I couldn't have got off to a better start at Sif.

I've been hall coordinator for halls 9 and 10 since May 2016. This is a managerial position. I'm responsible for part of the production process, and that's quite a challenge. My work is highly varied. I constantly contribute ideas about ways of improving the production process. I also manage my colleagues in each workplace to make sure that the work is done efficiently and safely. Safety always comes first at Sif.

We at Sif strive for high quality. I work a lot with fellow managers, QC operatives, welding specialists, the technical department, and the transport and planning departments. Cooperation is extremely important at Sif. Everyone contributes to achieving the planned goals. As a contact person on the shop floor, I also speak to employees from external companies, such as when maintenance or adjustments to machines are required or if we have a breakdown.

When I'm supervising people, I notice how important mentality is. You can learn a great deal if you're interested, driven, and flexible. A lot has happened at Sif in recent years, and we're still very much under development. We do everything we can to make our product as good as possible within the agreed delivery time. We do this with our superb machinery and our own special welding techniques. Our production capacity is due to be further expanded in the near future, both in Roermond and at our Maasvlakte site in Rotterdam.

What I like is that we always look ahead. In my opinion, this is part and parcel of a technical and innovative company like Sif.

I enjoy working at Sif and am proud to be an important link in this dynamic company. The working atmosphere here is good and staff turnover low. I think the fact that people stay with us is mainly due to the freedom you're given here. You're given plenty of freedom. And if you use it wisely and responsibly, that's noticed and appreciated. At Sif, you can make it a success.'