You have to be able to rely on each other

'I've been working in the steel sector since 1976. In my previous job, I gained experience in material supply and worked with cranes and forklifts. I had a managerial position and learned how important it is to invest in people. If you want to teach people something, you have to be patient, have confidence, and give them the feeling that they can do it.

This is also important at Sif, as we're a fast-growing company. Many new people are arriving and have to undergo an induction period. That induction is crucial. Here you work with products weighing between 10 and 850 tons, so you have to know what you're doing. There can be very serious consequences if something goes wrong.

I joined Sif in 2008. That year, I went to a Sif recruitment day with my wife. We immediately thought it was a great company, so we both left our CVs. I received a phone call straight away, and shortly after that I started as a Transport employee. My wife, who has been working in the steel industry for 27 years now, joined Sif a little later in the Quality Control department, and we both still enjoy working here every day. No two days are the same; there's never a dull moment here.

As a Transport employee, I have a lot of contact with my colleagues. Transport is necessary at all stages of the production process. We unload the material from the ships and sometimes from lorries. We take care of the internal transport for processing the material, hulls, and sections. We do much of this with lorries. We're also responsible for the delivery of the product to the customer or assembly at Maasvlakte 2. This is usually done with inland vessels, but sometimes with coasters. They are larger and are allowed to sail along the coast. That's a nice sight.

You have to think constantly about everything you do and always think one step ahead. We work with various tools such as chains, magnetic cranes, hydrocylinders, and gantries. We make a hoisting plan for each product. With such heavy products, it's extremely important to think in advance about the weight distribution. Both for lifting and laying out the pipes in the transport container. You have to distribute the pressure well, otherwise it can go wrong.

Teamwork with colleagues is another very important aspect of my work. Sometimes up to six cranes are being controlled simultaneously. You have to know what each other are doing and make sure that everything's properly coordinated. It's all about teamwork. We all get on well, even outside working hours. Sif takes good care of its employees. We not only have good working conditions, but also organize fun social activities. That way, you get to know each other better, which helps us keep up that team spirit.

I really enjoy doing my job and like passing on my knowledge and skills to new colleagues. New people need to be guided well because what we do here calls for craftsmanship and the right attitude: wanting to go for it together!'